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Patient Monitors


銆銆Integrating world leading life information monitoring technology and IT application technology, the PM-9939 patient monitor builds a high-end life monitoring platform and provides a comprehensive monitoring solution.

銆銆· 17-inch liquid crystal touch screen with the resolution as high as 1280 * 1024

銆銆· Duplex operation via touch and keys, double safeguard

銆銆· SD card socket: Memory capacity extended

銆銆· Several USB interfaces, keyboard and mouse operation supported, data transfer and software upgrading via U disk

銆銆· Lifting handle: Built-in handle to save space and facilitate carrying

銆銆· Various external interfaces: Interfaces for the assistant card cage, the monitor, the CIS, and wire networking

銆銆· 360-degree visual alarm lamp: Unique and striking three-color alarm lamp bring about clear physiological and technological alarms.

銆銆· Built-in lithium battery: To ensure the continuity of the patient’s information during transshipment; over 4 hours of use time

銆銆· Support solution: Wall hanging, mobile cart

銆銆· Built-in thermal printer and external laser printer supported 

銆銆· Modular electric contact: Plating process to ensure super conductivity

銆銆· Infrared modular data transmission

銆銆· Our product die is made through world leading processes such as the CINCINNATI processing center and Charmill slow wire; the mold injection is completed by the Kraus maffei machine, the most advanced machine in the world; and therefore the product’s stability and reliable is no doubt guaranteed.銆

銆銆· External interface management cabinet: Hidden interfaces, prevention of dust and foreign maters, unified management of data wire

銆銆· Aluminum zinc alloy heat dissipation components: Excellent heat dissipation effect 


Technical Specifications

銆銆Omni-management through admission and discharge: analysis of various scenes 


銆銆鈶燗rrival at the site of traffic accident 

銆銆鈶utting into the ambulance

銆銆鈶ifting onto the litter

銆銆鈶ending into the emergency department
銆銆The PM-9939 takes full control and begins to operate after the PM-9939A is connected with it.

銆銆鈶ending from the emergency department to the surgery

銆銆鈶mergency treatment in the surgery

銆銆The PM-9939 patient monitor will monitor the condition of the patient in an all-around way and realize the synchronic display of 12 electrocardiographs on the same screen. The accurate electrocardiograph measurement is instrumental in the doctor’s diagnosis and gives the best play to the operation. The perfect integration of the anesthesia apparatus, the respirator and the PM-9939 enables the doctor to control the operation time better.

銆銆鈶ending from the surgery to the ICU ward

銆銆鈶ntering the ICU ward

銆銆The PM-9939 continues to play a vitally important role in the ICU ward. As an instrument directly displaying the condition of the patient after operation, it enables the doctor in the monitoring center to know and control the patient’s condition at any time, gives timely alarm to remind medical personnel if necessary, and thereby lets the patient’s condition under control till recovery.

銆銆鈶═ransferring to the common ward

銆銆When his condition is improved and gradually stable, the patient will be transferred to the common ward. And the patient’s information in the surgery and the ICU ward will be replanted into a new major host PM-9939 in the common ward through the minihost PM-9939A so as to ensure the continuation and updating of the patient’s information.


銆銆Archiving the case history

銆銆銆怱ummary in This Chapter銆
The patient’s life monitoring information will be unified and managed from the first aid site to discharge.